AppTUG To-Go

AppTUG To-Go

AppTUG To-Go




AppTUG To-Go is used when a continuous gait profiling is needed in the patient’s natural environment. The patient can be monitored during several days, an average daily profile is delivered to the physician. Based on that report, the physician can monitor the fluctuations in the patient’s gait and activity, and optimize the treatment.



AppTUG To-Go is installed on a smartphone which is given to the patient, typically for about two days. The smartphone is placed with a strap on the patient’s sternum, and is removed while sleeping and taking a shower. By the end of the two days, the smartphone is delivered back to the clinic, the data is automatically uploaded to our servers and the results are delivered to the physician.

24-hour average gait index for home continuous monitoring (drugs uptake is marked by dashed vertical lines)