Mon4t | Your Personal Checkup

Mon4t | Your Personal Checkup




Our Mission

Improving the health of patients who suffer from neurological disorders. By applying an inclusive and personal brain monitor we make the treatment of neurological disorders more efficient, and more adequate for each individual patient.

Our Product

Montfort leverages smartphone’s integral sensors capabilities, in order to provide a set of digital neurological tests which are:

  • Personal
  • Real-time
  • Inclusive
  • Remote
  • Inexpensive

Each module has a medical version to run at the clinic, and a consumer version to run in the patients natural environment.

Our Market

Our toolkit is suitable for monitoring almost any neurological disorder. Our Clinic version is suitable for neurologists, and other treatment providers, our Home version is used by the patient’s themselves. Montfort’s collective data is valuable for medical devices manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies, as we provide accurate medical indicators, in large numbers, and low costs.


The first time I faced the impact of neurological disorders was when my legendary high-school math teacher, Yair Cohen, was diagnosed with ALS. I have met him several times during his last years, witnessing the sad decline of a brilliant, humorous and adventurous person I admired. Yair’s life has strengthen my inclination towards engineering, his death got me interested in neurophysiology. Contemplating between the two, I ended up studying both, believing that many patients can be helped by linking between these two disciplines.


Over one billion people suffer from neurological disorders, with few professionals to diagnose and treat them. As a result, there is hardly any feedback between patients and their physicians. Patients’ treatment is based upon infrequent and short clinical visits, outside the patient’s natural environment, thus limiting the quality of care, reducing their quality of life, and increasing treatment costs. There is no real-time alert when an anomaly occurs, which increases the risk involved with deploying a new treatment or modifying an existing one. On a larger scale, this lack of feedback is making the R&D of new drugs and medical devices more expensive and prolonged.


We developed a “master app” which is installed on the patient’s smartphone and runs in the background of the device. The software links to all of the device integral sensors (touch-screen, GPS, microphone, etc.), captures the patient’s regular smartphone usage, analyzes the data and sends the results to our server for further analysis. In this manner we solve the compliance challenge – the patient does not have to actively complete any task. The data leaving the device is “digested,” which allows us to keep the patient’s privacy (no personal information leaves the device). Each monitor can be tailor-made for a specific patient; it is sampled in the patient’s natural environment and with a much higher frequency and accuracy than alternative methods. We provide indicators in three dimensions: Motor, Cognitive and Affective. Adopting this holistic approach reveals the treatment sweet-spot for each patient and provides alerts when an anomaly is identified. It also serves as a diagnostic tool as many disorders resemble each other while being examined in the clinic. By grouping the information from various patients, we generate a collective feedback and alert, valuable for pharmaceutical companies, medical devices manufacturers, clinics and insurance companies.


Each of our modules provides a set of medical indicators. The clinic version is used at the clinic, by the physician. The home version is used by the patient, providing the same indicators without the need to get to the clinic.


EncephaLog is a console allowing to execute and analyze static posturography and cognitive tests

Clinic Version:

Coming soon!

Home Version:

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Coming soon!


Ziv Yekutieli

Co-Founder & CEO


Ziv is an electrical engineer and brain scientist, with over 10 years of experience linking between the two disciplines. For over 15 years, Ziv has been working in the Israeli high-tech industry and start-ups, where he gained big-data experience and management skills.


Information Systems Engineering expert, team leader & project manager.
Vast experience in end-to-end distributed systems architecture, large database design and high-performance data analysis.

Dima Gershman

Co-Founder & CTO

Marc Silverman

Chief iOS Officer


Marc was among the first to introduce a non-invasive and non-biased individual performance evaluation system and developed a series of products dedicated to helping individuals recover neuromotor function as a result of injury or disease. Marc is a named inventor on numerous issued patents in the medical device and have engineering and business experience.



Guy has a Vast experience with movement sensors, wearable applications, and BLE connection, with an emphasis on working with physically limited populations.


 Guy Isakov

Android Developer

Einat Bergman

Algorithm Developer






Moran Levi

 iOS Developer & QA

G. Dar

Web Developer

Computer Scientist, linguist and designer. Over 10 years of experience in programming, design and education.



If you are a patient yourself, or if you are a family member of one, don’t hesitate to contact us for any question regarding how you can use and benefit from our product.

Physicians, medical device manufacturers and pharma’ industry representatives, if you have any question regarding how our platform can assist you, we will be happy to provide you with more information. In Montfort, we are happy to collaborate with anyone whose goal is to improve the lives of neurological disorders patients, feel free to join our network.

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